As I was making my evening cup of tea (wild friday night right 🤦🏼‍♀️) I decided to whip up some tooshie wipes cos we are pretty much out.

You see the stuff you buy over the counter are pretty much full of nasties and cost an absolute bomb… I always ask myself “would I want to wipe that on my own bits or better yet, my face?” if the answer is no then you don’t want it anywhere near your babes bottom!!

These are super simple to make, cost less than $3 for two large tubs that last me well over 6 weeks and literally take 3mins to do. Way quicker than trekking to the shops, paying SIX frigging dollars for a single packet – plus I know they are totally tox free.

What you need…

  • 1 roll viva bamboo paper towel
  • 2 sealable containers
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 2 tablespoons carrier oil (use fractionated coconut or almond oil)
  • 3 drops doTERRA tea tree oil
  • 3 drops doTERRA lavender oil

How to make

I simply grab the paper towel and tear off each sheet. I then cut bundles in half and pop in a BPA free container. If you prefer, free to just pop the entire roll standing up (remove the cardboard from the middle) straight into a tall container.

Grab a small jug or bowl and add fractionated coconut oil and castile soap. Add your essential oils then fill jug/mug with boiling water.

I love to add 2 drops Roman Chamomile or 1 drop Manuka to each container for a luxe feel or during teething/illness.

Pour contents over paper towel.

Let them cool down then pop the lid on and they are done!

Even better is that you can use for bottoms, sticky fingers, faces and make up wipes! Change your oils up for OnGuard or Tea Tree and Lemon and you have yourself bench or loo wipes! Winning right? #ohyeh

In 18months we have had not a single case of nappy rash thanks to these DIY wipes and natural solutions.

Here’s a quick video of me making said wipes… 

p.s do yourself a favour and don’t use Olive Oil (stick with fractionated coconut or almond oil as its not greasy)

Want to grab some oils of your home? Head here to start your oily journey.


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