So the decision to write a ‘blog’ brought up tonnes of mean girl thoughts …. you know that little inner critic that often leaves you feeling deflated and so far from the present it isn’t funny? Some of the things she told me were…

  • who would read it?
  • would anyone even WANT to read it?
  • do you have anything of value to say?
  • your not in the right industry and won’t get noticed
  • you’ll get judged
  • people will dislike you
  • you don’t have time
  • etc, etc, etc …

So here I am, writing the damn blog! I have a few things up my sleeve in regards to topics but I plan on writing about all sorts of things around motherhood, parenting, mastering my little (or rather loud) mean girl, choosing self love, cultivating abundance, the moon and its effect on our flow, relationships, yin and yang, natural/organic goodies and all about my love of essential oils.

I am really excited and can’t wait to share more – whatever it is it will be real and honest and raw.

Now because I am SO grateful and love each and every single person who has taken the time to read this I have a gift for anyone who shares this post on their social media page/s. Make sure you tag me in it so I can see it. The winner will be drawn at random – 8pm AEDST Thursday 30th March 2017.  The lucky winner will be gifted 5ml doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil (perfect for homemade cleaning goodies) and a 10ml roller of Lavender Peace (hello restful night!).

xo TGM

4 Comments on “To blog or not to blog…

  1. Congrats on taking this next step and opening up your heart and soul to the world and expressing your inner mean girl! Love how dedicated and inspiring you are and see the positives and blessings in life. Love you always xx


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