Now, I am not an organic nazi but I am pretty thingy about what goes ON my body (let’s not talk about in because i’m not yet ready to forgo some of life’s little pleasures just yet)!  You might ask ‘whats the damn fuss about’ and ‘why organic’ and its quite simple…

  • skin is your largest organ (so we should probably look after it right?)
  • up to 60% of what you put ON your skin is absorbed directly. in. your. bloodstream. (eeek!!!!)
  • absorption occurs within as little as 26 seconds (woah!)

Naturally you could stick your head in the sand (I know sometimes things I don’t realllllllly want to know about I become ignorant & conplacent) but, once I know something there’s no going back so for me the switch to organic skin care and beauty was pretty simple. Now I’ve been using natural/organic skin care for donkeys years but always found organic beauty a bit of hit and miss so just stuck with the old favourites and continued being ignorant. I know it sounds stupid right, why wash tone & moisterise your face with certified organic products just to pop the latest Toxic Foundation on? Lucky for me I didn’t, and still don’t, actually wear makeup all that often. 

I reached a point where I knew it had to change. I noticed I had constant eye irritations, my skin would be irritated & I had really oily and very dry patches. I ended up making the switch to organic makeup after attending an amazing workshop with the stunning Emilly Banks from Depths of Beauty. Funnily enough I had Innika Foundation at home in my top drawer and just never used it – you’ll be pleased to know it’s now my go to!

Now if you aren’t already on the organic ferris wheel you must know that these will not feel at all like your everyday products. Unlike over the counter goods found at your local woolies or myer these aren’t laden with formaldehyde, synthetic perfumes, parabens, sulfates etc. What these products do to your body can be easily found with a simple google search… think cancer causing, endocrine disrupters & the list goes on.

I like to think of organic skincare and beauty as an investment in my health & wellbeing. I can buy a bottle a facial cleanser (I currently use Mukti) for $55 that last 8-9 months which is certified organic with no nasties OR I can buy one for $20 thats lasts a month and is full of nasties that are just going to cause havoc with my body. Rant over haha! 

Ok so what do I use? If you know me you’d know i’m a basic gal & usually only wear mascara & bronze… foundation on big occasions only! 

  • Innika Liquid Foundation – this stuff is thick and provides great coverage (best applied with a eco-friendly brush)
  • Lamav BB Creme – this is great for everyday and is light, I just pop some of my eco-minerals on over the top if I want a bit more coverage or longer lasting
  • Eco-Minerals – Mineral Foundation which is just gorgeous if you want a bit of cover or to pop over a lighter liquid/creme 
  • Innika Eye Liner
  • 100% Pure (black tea) & Well People Mascara
  • Ere Perez bronzer, blush & eye shadow 
  • Hurrah Lip Balms (loooove these)
  • Eco Tools makeup brushes 

And just incase you want to know… some of my fav go-to organic skincare products: 

  • Coconut Oil – I use for a EVERYTHING… facial cleanser, eye makeup remover, moisturizer, hair mask, bath soak theblist goes on and on 
  • Pai Rosehip Oil – this stuff is the bomb! I add some essential oils for a bit extra benefits
  • Black Chicken deodorant paste – this is the best natural deodorant on the market, trust me I have tried them all! It does have bi-carb soda so I find I can’t wear it daily but it’s as good as any deodorant I used to wear (tick!)
  • Mukti Facial Cleanser – this stuff is amazing! 
  • Rahua, Acure or 100% Pure for Shampoo & Conditioner 
  • Soleo Sunscreen & Little Innoscents for my mini babe 
  • doTERRA Essential Oils – Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender, Ylang Ylang are all my favs for skincare & beauty! 

Now I am no science lover and I certainly don’t understand all those long words on labels but if i’m looking for a new product I generally browse an online organic store – the only one I use is Nourished Life which I highly recommend! Irene & her team do a stack of research so you can be rest assured anything they sell is a-ok and totally free is nasties!! 

Most local health food stores will sell a small variety of beauty & skin care so if in doubt you could start there! 

Happy Tox Free Good Friday (as I stuff my face with a delicious Easter Bun #allinmoderation)! 

xo TGM

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