A quick google search of the phrase ‘busy’ and one feels overwhelmed… alas you stumble across definitions such as ‘having a great deal to do’ which personally I don’t feel really cuts the mustard. Having a babe feels like the ‘to do’ list grew like a million times over. The washing increases, the power bill increases, the cleaning/cooking increases not to mention the never ending toy pick-up-ering YET time does NOT seem to increase. Add to this being a wife, friend, puppy mama, daughter/sister and biz owner plus a dash of sleep deprivation, maternity pay and frazzled hair. This new job ain’t no 9-5 with a regular pay packet but it sure is soul rewarding and heart pounding you just never get to clock off.  I freakin’ LoVE being a mama but sometimes it is very very FULL.

Now as a side note – in these last few weeks my baby boy turned 9 months AND transitioned into day care. Big two weeks for this mama bear (nooooot so much him!). They say time goes fast when you become a parent but shit, it really snuck up! Yep there was waterworks and waves of crashing emotions (that’s another blog post in itself)…  you have been wondering ‘where’ I’ve been – that’s where. But also, in the spirit of being open, it feels like an eternity since I have actually sat down and written a blog post from the heart and been authentically me. Because partly I’ve been too bloody full (I truly hate the word ‘busy’) but also because I’ve felt a little lost and like I wasn’t sure where my voice was headed because my mean girl has been really freakin’ loud. I’m the kinda person that when I feel something or get an idea I have to sit down and write it at that moment or the spark and passion just dissipates. I am however, going to vow to you, my avid readers that I WILL make time to write, and share because YOU have said you want to listen. That I am SO grateful for!!

Anyhoo… if you want to keep some level of sanity as a mama here’s my top tips!

Tip # 1 – don’t give up your vice

Obviously being a mama we all want to get our pre-baby bodies back but don’t be in a rush to give it ALL up ladies. Some days are tougher than others and you don’t need to spend it being guilty and beating up on yourself ‘cos you ate the damn cookie. Its hard enough being a mum without trying to change how you eat.  If your vice is a piece (or a row) of chocolate or a glass of wine each night then keep it up! Mines a cuppa each night and a few pieces of Loving Earth or Panna Chocolate 😉

 Tip # 2 – soak up some sunshine every single day

Even if it’s just to hang washing on the line you’ll be amazed what a little sunshine does for your mood. AND if you can, do it while moving!

Tip # 3 – move your toosh

This is a no brainer but sometimes it feels impossible. Even if you remember/have time at 4pm it’s better than nothing and you’ll find it’ll give you a second wind to keep going til bed time. Walking or moving your toosh each day will get those feel good endorphins going and you’ll feel SO much more positive about yourself and life (plus it tends to curb those 3pm sugar cravings bonus!). For bonus points, do it with a bestie!

tip # 4 – make time for self care

Now ladies, i’ve been there and there IS time for you! When they are asleep (both day and night) this is your time to take 5 mins to re-boot! It might be just sitting outside with a hot cuppa, taking a long bath, going for a 10 minute walk (on your own) once your partner gets home, reading for 10 mins before bed or skype your mum. Heck, even paint your toes or wash your hair! Long showers were never a thing for me but post baby gosh a good long shower makes you feel a lot more human!

Tip # 5 – cleanse your social media

Who are you following on your instagram, twitter or whatever social media you have? Do they inspire you? Do they lift you up and raise your vibration? Do they make you want to be a better person? If they don’t then you are following the wrong people sista. I want you to go to your account now and delete them. You should only follow people who inspire you and lift you up!

Tip # 6 – find your tribe

Having a mums groups or a couple of friends with babies (especially if they are the same age) makes life SO much easier! Lets face it if your not going through the same thing it’s kinda off your radar. Nor do our hubbies/partners want to be bothered with the nonsense us mums worry about… from food, to milk, to water, to sleep not to mention vaginas, boobies and lack of sleep!!! AND double bonus because you can do tip # 3 with them 😉

I’d love to hear from you – what things did you do to keep yourself sane?

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