Gratitude is a pretty hot topic in the wellness and personal development circles (which is pretty much where I hang most days haha). Any search of instagram, twitter or pinterest you’ll see grattitude flinging all around the place. I know it’s certainly something I have been trying to cultivate more of. 

Gratitude is defined in the dictionary as the quality of being thankful, or the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Now I am not one for morning routines and as much as I try I just seem to find it impossible to make a habit out of anything other than brushing my teeth but gratitude is something that you can practice literally anywhere – in the car, on the loo, washing your hair, while brushing your teeth (you get my drift yeh..?)

So no, you don’t need a fancy pillow, a sage stick or a singing bowl… you literally can just think about what you are grateful for! You may say it aloud, share it amongst over breakfast with your family or at dinner with your lover, or you might jot it down in your journal or notes on your iPhone. You may choose to just feel out the gratitude and let it radiate through your cells, maybe even start a little fire or dance between them! Personally I love to jot it down on a post it note and read it over and over. 

They say an attitude of gratitude really opens up doorways… raises your vibration and can help to really get things flowing. For me it can take me from Z all the way back to A. Really stop me in my tracks and shift my mood from crazy-mother-fucking-moody-lady to zen’d-out-mama (ok well not alllll the time but most of the time). In fact it’s funny to think that we even need to have a conscious gratitude practice… shouldn’t it just be within us and instinctive to be kind, gracious, thankful and focused on the positives??!. 

We have become so enthralled in what occurs around us in our busy (full) bubbles that we spend so much time ‘up in our heads’ and not enough time being really here, present and focused. I know whenever i’m being unkind (cranky at the hubby) it’s cos of my shit, my expectations/hopes and rarely to do with anything he’s actually done/not done. When we stop and take stock, realllllly look around… gosh we have so much to be thankful for! 

clean water

roof over our beds

food on the table

warm clothes

people who love and support is everyday

accessible healthcare


free speech

etc etc etc

These past 10 or so days i’ve been struggling with what seems to be a tonne of baggage, old hurts, self doubt, ego driven motives, lack of motivation and a tonne of procrastination … add in a bit of sickness & lack of sleep and bam!! In an attempt to really shake it each day I reminded myself to shift my attitude, change my mindset and up my grattitude. I am in control of how I feel and I can choose to step in or out of a funk. SO I wrote down each day as many things as I felt grateful for at the time.  I kept it specific and meaningful rather than the general ‘family, friends, income’ and this really helped to bring me back up. 

A favorite quote of mine by Eckhart Tolle says Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. I don’t know about you but I can spend hours on pinterest scrolling through things I dream of having or being… but do I need more? Do I need to be more? Hell NO! 

My beautiful best friend and soul sister recently created The Kindfulness Project to help inspire others by the contagiousness of kindness. Her mission she says is ‘simple’: “To inspire you to be more kind – to yourself, others & the planet; & to be mindful of your actions, thoughts and words & the influence they have on the world”. 

So how can we be more kind, practice more gratitude and raise our vibration to that of utter appreciation? Today I am grateful for the platform to share my thoughts, for the people who listen and the love that comes my way.  What are you grateful for…? 

2 Comments on “How I get out of a funk by upping my grattitude

  1. love your thoughts, gorgeous! All of your work is so inspiring, so thank you! xo
    I can’t agree with you more ~ recent evidence shows mindfulness (which can also necessitate gratitude) should be practiced daily. Experienced psychologists recommend daily mindfulness practice is essential for optimal well being and mental health…Its just as important as brushing your teeth, rather than perceived as an ‘add on’ in our day. Peace and love chickie x


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