So today I sent our the first Month of Mondays newsletter to my tribe and things went a little, well, kinda cray cray! It started out with…

“you are probably wondering what the flip ‘Month of Mondays’ is … but this is something I have created with you in mind. This idea has been birthed from a recent call out where I asked what YOU want MORE of… how I can serve YOU better (oh and if you want to have your say its never too late, i’d so love for you to reply to this email and let me know).

Every Monday for the month of August I will be popping into peoples mailboxes with a stack of heart felt love… My aim is for us to get to know one another intimately (kind of like old friends). For me to share with them (you) a little more about me, my challenges, my passions and obviously a little bit about essential oils because, well, I just cant help it. It will be a space I can share with you things I am learning, recipes I am testing and DIY tips to save you $$”. 
Then this happened…

“I’m also going to be sharing with you (which makes me kinda nervous) a little about my steps to freedom”.


So – to fill you in… I recently committed (this is a HUGE deal for me) to a 12 month coaching program with my mindset coach. This is not just about my business but about my entire life… we work on mindset around money, relationships, career – you name it!

Now i’ve never been one for ‘goals’, probably because I find it hard to stick to them (hello ego) and in fact the word ‘goal’ itself evokes all kinds of fear based emotions not to mention a tightness in my throat and butterflies in my belly. SO because I am all about getting a little uncomfortable I am going to take you along for the journey. Coaching alone brings me to the edge but sharing it with you scares the shit outta me so why not right? 

In gearing up for this 12 month program I had to sit down and write a VISION (which I did with the husbo) so that every month I can set goals that will itch me closer to my vision.

Now once I had decided to share this and had written it in my mailchimp template I was actually really excited to share this (it certainly wasn’t my plan at the time of drafting the newsletter but I am going with it).

MY VISION – planning for my families future

So the reason I committed to this 12 month program was because 1) I have gained a lot of clarity from past coaching, 2) I have some serious goals I was to kick and 3) I know up levelling and working on my mindset will be an ongoing battle.

To kick off my program I was asked to think about my “vision” for how I want my life to look – how I want to feel, where I want to be, how I am spending my time, who I am surrounded by … this then forms a bit of a picture so that I can have a crystal clear idea of where I want to head and map the path to get there. I will caveat this by saying I am yet to ‘firm’ up my vision so its still a little loose but ill share a snippet with you anyway.

Just a few of my visions:

+ have a thriving business that provides us the financial freedom to work from home and spend more time with our children

+ to move my body lovingly each day and nourish my body with food that makes me feel good (this is a biggie but always seems to fall off the list as not being high enough on the priority but it incredibly important)

being surrounded by women who support one another to rise and attracting like minded business partners to work with so that we can empower as many homes as we can to make the switch to no-tox natural solutions

Now you might think ‘ah aren’t these simple visions/goals’ but for me they are ones that will continue to challenge me to grow.

When I was copying over some of my goals to my newsletter I even contemplated only sharing the ‘easier’ ones but there is NO fun in that – plus sharing these visions creates more accountability and feels scarier so best to do that!

The challenges and learnings along the way. The blocks I uncover and the roadmaps I take. I will share all with you – in hope that you too might learn something along the way.


Now if you aren’t already receiving my newsletter grab it here

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