Leading up to this beautiful full moon on wednesday we will see many of us hit our own personal moon cycle.

I already had one message yesterday asking for HELP with pre-menstrual headaches!


PastTense: headache relief blend! Roll along sides of your neck & across your shoulders to relieve tesion. Frankincense, Lavender & Peppermint is great alternative (and bonus Pepp helps with the hot lady flushes!!)!

Balance: well duh, to B-A-L-A-N-C-E!! Inhale regularly & literally bathe in it during your cycle 😉*hint: add a little wild orange or bergamot for extra calm for your farm!

ClaryCalm: this little roller will save. your. life.!! Suitable for relieving PMS symptoms, hot flushes, bloating, cramping & discomfort. Menstruating – tick. Menopausal – tick. Helps to re-balance the hormones to reduce your levels of crazy biatch 🤣

Ice Blue Roller (Deep Blue): relieves aches, pain, tension! One simple swipe across the lower back or adbominals 👌🏻

DigestZen: our ‘tummy tamer’ because who needs to not fit into your fav pair of jeans just cos your hormonal! Eases tummy discomfort like bloating, cramping & nausea (also handy after that second block of chocolate) 🙈

Clary Sage: my fav hormonal harmonizer! Inhale, apply, drown yourself (in fact DO add to a bath!). I love to massage a couple drops over my belly (with coconut oil) when I am feel really yukky and all the uncomfortableness just disapates! *not to be used during pregnancy.

If you need a little hormone harmonizing head to my essential oil information page and follow the prompts! Check out my custom kits too incase nothing tickles your fancy.

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