Every second person I talk to tells me they experience anxiety. What if we lived in a world where we didn’t feel fear, or experience feelings of anxiousness? These same people are looking for natural options to support this sometimes debilitating experience.

Now it’s a no brainer and any simple google search will suggest things like stillness, meditation, and movement will help – and they absolutely will! But we know that anxiety can strike anywhere & is healthy to have a variety of tools in your wellness toolkit. Insert essential oils 🙏🏻

When we inhale Essential Oils they have the power to effect how we feel. Say whaaaa? Yep! When we inhale them through our nose they pass through our smell receptors which are directly linked to the brains limbic system and hypothalamus. These are responsible for things like memory and our bodies physiological responses.

Oils like lavender, wild orange, frankincense help support the body to ease feelings or anxiousness and stress. Oils like doTERRA balance and peace are full of earthy tones that support us to feel more centered and grounded and less up in our heads. Console is the comforting blend for those really challenging emotional times.


My top tips for anxiety:
Aromatically dress in oils that provide calming & grounding support each morning (my fav go-to is balance and wild orange or peace mixed with fractionated coconut oil)

Roll some frankincense and copaiba (or pop a drop under the tongue daily) on pulse points throughout the day

Inhale one or a combo of your choice when you experience feelings of anxiety with some deep long slow breaths

Inhaling essential oils can be done a few ways! If you have a diffuser, great – if not, never fear…

1. Grab a glass spray bottle (30 or 50ml will do), pop about 20 drops in and fill with water. Shake before each use and mist over your face.

2. If you are on the run, simply pop 1 drop in your hand then run your hands together and cup under your nose – take some deep breaths! Run your hands over the side of your face or in your hair afterwards.

3. Heck sometimes I even just open the cap and sniff the bottle 😉

Using oils doesn’t have to be fancy or hard!! Head to mydoterra.com/thegroundedmama and click ‘Join and Save’ to get your starter kit or jump over to my info page and follow the prompts. I recommend the AromaTouch

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