For today ONLY you can Buy One 15ml AromaTouch and Get One 15ml Citrus Bliss FREE
These are two of my all time fav’s!! I love to use AromaTouch for my restless legs with some magnesium oil or a few drops in the bath with coconut oil and Citrus Bliss is always in my diffuser.
Lets get the low down on these two oils! Firstly – AromaTouch will set you back around $31 with your wholesale account and you get Citrus Bliss for freeeeeee and its worth around $21!!!


Aromatouch oil balances a unique blend of basil, grapefruit, cypress, marjoram, peppermint and lavender. This oil creates a soothing and calming sensation and lessons tension.
Emotionally, the Aromatouch blend is the ‘Oil of Relaxation’. This oil allows softness and flow within the heart and mind so that an individual may experience openness and flexibility. It is an oil that supports in times of grief or sorrow.
Here’s what doTERRA’s Chief Founding Medical Offer, Dr. David Hill says about Aromatouch: “What I enjoy most about Aromatouch is its ability to increase overall relaxation. It’s great to diffuse for its overall grounding effetcts and it’s also great to apply topically to soothe and relax muscles. I sometimes just breathe in this aroma to help ease the mind.”
Suggested Uses: 
Aromatic: inhale directly from the bottle, diffuse or place 2 drops directly into the palms of the hands, rub and inhale.
Topical: Dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage 1-3 drops wherever physical or emotional tension is experienced.
Aroma Touch (1)

Citrus Bliss

The Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend combines natural and powerfully aromatic compounds to create an essential oil that provides the user with cleansing characteristics, an uplifting aroma, and energising properties that make this blend useful in everyday life.
This delicious blend of citrus oils – including Wild Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Mandarin Peel, Bergamot Peel, Tangerine Peel, Clementine Peel essential oils and Vanilla Bean Absolute – is a must-have oil for uplifted feelings, a refreshed outlook and environment, and a lightened mood.
This oil is a ready-made ‘happiness-in-a-bottle’ perfume to dab behind your ears or on your child’s school uniform to encourage joy. This blend also offers wonderful purifying qualities. 2-3 drops in the final cycle of the washing machine, onto dryer balls, or spritzed onto sheets on the line while drying makes for a fresh and clean aroma for clothing, linen and bedding.
With energising and refreshing properties, Citrus Bliss can be used to positively affect mood when diffused aromatically. Whether you’ve been overwhelmed by negative emotions, run down by deadlines at work, or you feel like today is just not your day, consider diffusing Citrus Bliss oil to help lift your mood. When you need an extra pick-me-up, Citrus Bliss can help reduce stress and uplift mood.
Looking to improve your focus? Topically applying Citrus Bliss can be extremely helpful when you are trying to promote focus and clarity. For an improved sense of focus, combine two drops of Lavender, two drops of Peppermint, and two drops of Citrus Bliss together. Then, simply apply the blend to your temples and inhale.
Emotionally, Citris Bliss is the ‘Oil of Creativity’ and inspires creativity. Citrus Bliss encourages play and spontaneity and assists and individual in remembering to play as a child would and be excited in their world. This oil can assist an individual in feeling joy, fire and creativity within their life again.
Suggested Uses:
Aromatic: inhale directly from the bottle, diffuse or place 2 drops directly into the palms of the hands, rub and inhale.
Topical: Dilute 2-4 drops with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage into the upper stomach area (solar plexus)

citrus bliss


A couple things up front….

  1. did you know doTERRA is such a generous company they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our products? yep if you don’t love the oils (god help you) you can send em’ right back!
  2. there is NO selling required EVER
  3. a wholesale account gets you 25% off the retail price (the same prices that I get my oils for) PLUS ongoing oily love and mentoring from me for a lifetime!!

Click this link:

•    Click Join and Save
•   Click Join
•    Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
•    Click ‘Local.’
•    Choose Wellness Advocate (not wholesale customer)
•    Enter your personal information
•    At *Enroller id* it should have my number if not enter 4036877
•    Then click verify (it should then show you my name – Kelly Hensley)
•    Set yourself up with a password
•    Click over to the next page
•    Select what enrollment kit you’d like to order – add the “Introductory Packet” which costs $35

Then start typing the name of the oils in the toolbar and it will appear for you to select it to add to your cart. Purchasing a kit waives this enrollment fee.

If you want to get the most value for money then start with a kit – this gives you free membership and will save you a shit tonne of money! The kit I recommend is the Home Essentials Kit.

Be sure to add some Fractionated Coconut Oil too!

•    Enter your Credit Card details and process your order

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