Good old Lady Lav (Lavender for those of you who aren’t in the ‘in’ crowd around here) has been sprouted from the roof tops as a handbag must have and for the longest time I carried her around with me… UNTIL

that was until I met Rebellious Rose!

You see people just think of Rose as maybe a perfume but it is SO much more than that. 

In the past few months she has taken up residence in my purse and I don’t leave home without her.

Last year when we had to put my husbands childhood dog, ‘Millie’ the Labrador down, we needed a lot of support. You see Millie was 14 years old and was gifted to my husband by his late mum. She had been ill and progressively got worse and we could no longer stand seeing her in pain and medication was no longer helping. So we decided to go to the vet to discuss our options.

As we walked from the car to the waiting room, Millie sliced her paw open on a stone and was bleeding. We sat down on the waiting room floor, blood everywhere and Millie just curled up. I pulled out my Rose oil ‘cos I remembered something about it being good for bleeding. I massages it all over her legs and paw and wiped it over my heard – lets face it by then I was a total mess.

When we made the call that it was time – I rolled it over my hands and massaged it all over her head and heart and ours. I felt the power this oil created for all of us. It bonded us together and cemented our decision and that it was right. Millie simply curled up and went to sleep. She was at peace and she was loved and supported and no longer in pain.

From this moment on I never took Rose out of my purse. 


So what is Rose Essential Oil and why is it so amazing?

Emotionally Rose is the oil of divine love and holds a sacred and spiritual meaning to most wearers. For me rose belongs over the heart and creates a unity within. Some say roses are a symbol that higher forces are at play and you are supported by angels.

Rose is also vibrating at the highest frequently of ALL oils. For example Rose vibrates at around 320 megahertz and lavender only at 118MHz. If you want to take things to the next level then whip out some Rose, apply to pulse points and off you go. 


Historically rose has been known for its aphrodisiac qualities – ok cats outta the bag, let me formally introduce you to Rebellious Rose!! *cue fifty shades soundtrack* 😉

Rose is often used for issues such as acne, rosacea, anxiety, bleeding, constipation, bloating, cramps, depression, dry skin, eye irritations (rose water), eczema, fevers, frigidity, grief, heartache, hormone imbalances, infections, low libido, menopausal flushes, stress and wrinkles.

So if Rose, one single oil, has properties like antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, hormone balancing and skin healing you can see why I take it everywhere right??

Just to make it clear … Rose Oil: 

 Aphrodisiac (say goodbye to low libidio).

 Promotes even skin tone, balances moisture levels, reduces skin imperfections, and promotes a healthy complexion.

 Fights inflammation.

 Highest vibration oil.

 Balances hormones.

 All round immune support (layer to bottoms of feet and along the spine).

 Delicious pure-fume.

Did you know? It takes approximately 242,000 individual petals (or 8,000 rose flowers) to produce one 5 mL bottle of rose oil.

This makes rose oil one of the most precious essential oils in the world, has one of the most laborintensive production processes and yields very little oil per petal. Because of this, Rose oil commands a high price.

Yep! Thats why its almost impossible to find a bottle of 100% Pure Oil for sale for under $450 that isn’t either adulterated, synthetic or diluted.

Never fear…. doTERRA has us covered with two convenient options

  1. a Rose Touch Roller (available soon to down under)
  2. Salubelle Roller which Rose features as one of the expensive and rare oils in this must have blend.

This provides us with super convenient application and an option thats manageable for the hip pocket – WIN!

And cos we are winning at life you can get Salubelle for FREE in March when you grab your Home Essentials Kit (and its worth $129!!!). 




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