We have had the worst few days!! Zero sleep. Raging fevers. Screaming child….

Here’s why 👇🏻

My little bug has hand, foot and mouth. I can honestly say it’s the pits!

On Saturday morning we went to one of those play centers in Sydney and had tonnes of fun…. but by 7pm my babe had raging fevers & was pretty unwell!After two nights of very restless sleep and ongoing fevers we decided to come home a day early and boy are we glad we did. But not before a quick visit from the home doctor who prescribed panadol and rest 🤦🏼‍♀️His little bottom, hands, feet, mouth, legs and back are covered in sores and appear to be really irritating him. Of course it’s a virus which means there’s nothing they can give you. Thankfully when the doctor says ‘ride it out’ I know we are blessed to have natural options to turn to in times of need.What’s so incredible is that the molecules of essentials oils are so tiny they have the ability to penetrate the cell membrane. What the heck does this mean? Well it means they can get inside to where virus’ live and support our bodies.We hopped in the car last night and I lathered him in Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Tea Tree & Manuka to soothe his irritated skin. We did this three times during our long stint in the car and each time he went from screaming to calm in minutes and fell back asleep.We also have been rolling an anti-viral blend blend along his spine and feet and have been doing this every few hours for the last couple days. I’ve been using manuka, oregano, onguard, tea tree, lemon & frankincense then layering with my rose roller.He is in much higher spirits today & seems less bothered by his sores but is highly contagious so it’s house bound for us for the week.

Here’s a quick video I did of the oils we have been using and how we used them…

If you want to have natural solutions at the ready for times like these simply jump to the ‘Essential Oils’ page and follow the instructions to invest in your health and grab your first Home Essentials Kit today. Don’t panic – it comes with ongoing education and support, loads of information, recipes, e-books and a special little welcome kit!

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