With winter here now is the time to get your potion making on so you have these super simple rollers at the ready.

Simply skip any oils not in your collection or add them to your next LRP!


5 OnGuard
5 Lemon
5 Frankincense
5 Tea Tree
5 Manuka (optional)

* layer Rose Touch over top
* apply soles of feet or along the spine


10 Ice Blue
5 Frankincense
5 Helicrysum


3 drops Oregano
3 Frankincense
3 Myrrh
3 Tea Tree
3 Douglas Fir
3 Basil
3 Hawaiian Sandalwood

* you could also simply add 3 drops of Oregano to a diluted roller of Salubelle πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
* alternate option – add 3 drops to the Immunity Blend


10 Tea Tree
5 EasyAir
5 Manuka

*roll over cheek bones, ear lobes and base of skull
*also apply DigestZen to bridge of nose


5 Lavender
5 Peppermint
5 Frankincense

* apply base of skull, on temples and ear lobes

πŸƒSNIFFLES (runny nose, congestion etc)

5 Peppermint
5 Easy Air
5 Lemon


Don’t have oils yet? Get them here!

Share below in the comments any fav winter blends of your own πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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