Are you noticing a little trend on stress this week? That’s cos its something I too have been feeling lately. One thing I am truly grateful is my essential oils and their power to help support both my physical and mental health.

You know those mornings where you spill your coffee then you go on to run constant red lights, trip over going up the stairs, forget your lunch and then have a fight with your boss. If only you had of caught your mood and mindset back at that first spilt coffee you could have avoided all the rest! Yep, no shit.

The power of the mind can cause waves (and I mean tidal waves…)

When we feel good we usually get a tonne of shit done, bounce around from A to B and maintain our mood despite what gets thrown our way. Like literally nothing could impact us and you feel invisible or even a tad bulletproof…

However when we don’t feel so good it can easily spiral down and go on for the day (or even multiple days) and can have a massive flow on effect.

These not so good feelings can impact our quality of life, and even alter how our body feels and functions. Say whaaaat?

Did you know that people in ancient civilizations used essential oils, plants, and other plant materials for things like cooking, bathing, promoting healthy skin not to mention managing their moods and emotions. They were (and often still are) used during burials, rituals, and religious ceremonies. Yep! Apparently Babylonians and Assyrians would burn Frankincense during religious ceremonies and in ancient Rome, soldiers would use Fennel before going into battle to help make them feel strong and brave. Crazy eh? Well it’s not really crazy because I know first hand how damn effective oils can be.

There’s now a huge body of research about how safe and effective essential oils really can be when it comes to managing our mood and promoting those feel good feelings. There’s something to be said about going to a day spa right – you know the ambient music, soft lighting and calming aroma?

So why do essential oils ‘work’?

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 12.44.03 pm.png

Which essential oils would I start with?

Essentials Oil will work different on each person so often it can be a little bit of trial and error. I often find I am drawn to particular oils which resonate with how I am feeling in that moment. Generally though there are certain oils that are known to provide calming, soothing or grounding effects and these can be use individually or blended together depending on how you feel.

When you choose essential oils to add to your toolkit its really important firstly to purchase oils that you can know and trust. I personally only use doTERRA essential oils. There’s a few reasons I fell in love with doTERRA and you can read about that over here.

My go-to oils can change depending on the type of stress and what else is going on for me but I don’t tend to stray far from these oils below. I will usually pop a couple in the diffuser, add to a bath or mix in a roller and douse myself in them for a few days or until the feelings subside.


Bergamot is a delicious citrus oil and perfect for mixing with the heavier woody oils. Add to rollerblends, bath or simple sniff from the bottle!


The ‘oil of community’ is really supportive when you are feeling disconnected. I love to add this one to bed time sleep blends or the bath.

Clary Sage

This one would be one of my all time fav’s and I often use Clary Sage in lieu of Lavender. Divinely supportive for women especially around the cycle and for PMS. Its super calming and just brings you back to base.


This incredible oil provides support at a cellular level and helps support a healthy nervous system. Pop a drop under your tongue or apply over your jawline, base of the neck or along your spine.

doTERRA Balance

This is what I call my ‘mum go-go juice’. When you are feeling super chaotic and your head is racing a million miles per hour take 5 to just sit and breathe in this oil. 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand, close your eyes, rub your hands together and cup under your nose. Take 5 really good long deep breaths (in for a count of 4 and then out for a count of 8).

doTERRA Elevation

This bottle is powerful potent mood enhancer and is the ‘oil of joy’. Its super fresh and perfect to replace those toxic perfumes your spiriting on yourself. I love to add to my diffuser with a drop or 2 of spearmint and some extra wild orange or lemon.

doTERRA Lavender Peace

This is a staple in my home, but more so for my son. We diffuse this almost every night and is perfect for baths or body massages. A great one to diffuse after work, stressful events or before bed to soothe the mind.


This deep earthy and heavy oil seriously brings you back to planet earth. I like to sit on my couch in my office (kinda freudian style) and inhale while I close my eyes momentarily. This might be on a shitty day while my son is asleep, or late at night when sometimes the tears seem to flow and all is still. Also perfect for popping on the soles of your feet and another great one to add a drop under the tongue.

Frankie is touted as the ‘king of oils’ and is the clear quartz of the crustal kingdom so pop him in all your blends to take them to the next level.


For the longest time I hated the smell of this oil but since I became drawn to it I’ve gone totally head over heels. I love to intuitively blend up Geranium with other oils as its a perfect oil to help heal matters of the heart but is also super soothing and calming to the mind and body. Doubles as great for the skin too! Diffuse with Clary Sage and Lavender or add to an epsom salt bath with doTERRA Lavender Peace.


Lady Lav! She won me over good and proper. If you dislike the smell of Lavender, or maybe your mama used to drown you in it don’t totally write it off til you smell are unadulterated bulgarian Lavender!

This stuff is the shizz. I go through a bottle of this every 2 months. I drip on my pillow, rub on my temples and massage over my body at night with Frankincense. Every since doing this I have started to sleep better, spend less time tossing and turning and am able to switch of my mind more easily.


Funnily enough we tend to go to the calming oils when we feel down but we also need to look tothe oils that pepp us up! Spearmint is great for lifting the mood and according to the Emotions and Essential Oils  book is the ‘oil of confident speech’ (so perfect to accompany your journalling or therapy session). I love to pump up the music and add some doTERRA Elevation and Spearmint into the diffuser and shake it off. Its near to impossible to be in a bad mood when your bare foot and fancy free.

Wild Orange

Happiness in a bottle. This little bottle is so cheap and so cheerful. I love that I can add to my water, mix with chocolate and massage on my body all at the same time. One whiff of this bottle and you will be smiling in no time.

Ylang Ylang

Dr Eric Z swears by Ylang Ylang and says every woman needs this in their toolkit. You’ll regularly see this oil in personal care products or natural perfumes. Its certainly not one you need much of but is really supportive for mood management and bringing a sense of peace. Plus this doubles as a sexy time booster so fella’s if your reading this buy her four bottles :p

I could honestly list out a dozen more oils.

Some other favourites are the Emotional Aromatherapy range and Peace and Cheer are two of my most used oils. Depending on the cause of the stress Console or Forgive might be more appropriate or even Motivate! Neroli is another favourite especially for womens hormone and libido support.


I usually recommend starting with the simple staple oils that can be used widely (like Lavender, Frankincense and Wild Orange) and then building a collection slowly. If you want to chat about your situation I offer 1:1 wellness consults and we can tailor the oils to suit your needs. Book in your session here or contact

 So how the flip would I use them?

There are so many gorgeous ways to use essential oils which I why I LOVE how versatile they are. 

Desiree Mangandog, author of ‘I am Fabulous’ believes that using oils topically is just as powerful as inhaling them to help affect our moods and emotions. Each organ has a correlating emotional associated with it and using the bodies meridians we can help to un-trap any emotions stored in the body.


1. Inside elbow creases: helps to enter the lungs and heart quickly (organs associated with sadness and grief). You might experience the sensation of your chest opening and feeling mightier.

2. Inside of wrist creases: lungs, pericardium and heart channels run through wrist creases. Oils move quickly to the chest and is an easily accessible place to apply oils (one of my personal favs!).

3. Inside forearm: roll up and down inside of the forearm (both sides) to help oils circulate whole body. Best place to instantly create change change to your emotional state!!

4. Back of the neck: to help with mental clarity (quick place for oils to enter the brain – although I did notice one special blend is to be rolled across the forehead!!).

5. Over the heart: on the sternum between breasts when dealing with heartache and disappointment.

6. Around belly button: as out guy is our second brain and we store a lot of emotions here this is a special place to allly oils. Esp when relating to protection, boundaries or immune support.

7. Up/down midline of belly: apply here for self-confidence and self-worth. Belly has serotonin receptions that contribute to feelings of happiness and self-esteem. You should feel an immediate shift in your emotional state when applying here.

8. Bottoms of the feet: for calmness and grounding!


How do I purchase me some essential oils?

The cool thing about doTERRA is that you don’t purchase them off the shelf at your local supermarket and go home thinking ‘now what the fuck do I do with these?’. doTERRA is a direct selling company which means when you purchase our oils you not only get oils but you get a community, education and shit tonnes of support.

I will be your biggest cheerleader to help you go tox-free and introduce natural solutions into your home.

Don’t forget if you want to chat about your situation I offer 1:1 wellness consults and we can tailor the oils to suit your needs. Book in your session here or contact


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