After spending the last few months frustrated and overwhelmed at the ‘number’ of groups I was tapped into I knew something had to change.

I constantly felt called to share things but didn’t know where to share them…

FB Groups
If yes, which bloody one

So of course in stead of sharing just somewhere I didn’t share at all…

Yep – I let those feelings take over.

So I decided no more. And then it came to me.
A supergroup if you like, kinda life hacks for your soul.

You might land in the group because you are likely on a journey to shake things up a little…

This is perfect, and as with anything you are exactly where you need to be!

I plan to share my learnings that is (hopefully) gunna change your life bit by bit.

So how does one ‘raise their vibe’?

Our ‘vibe’ (vibration) can be affected by so many things. I will be sharing with you on all things daily wellness, living low-tox, scaling back your physical environment, emotional and mental health, self care, vitality, mindset mastery, and i’ll probably share some kick ass recipes and likely toss some oracle cards or crystals around the place too. Basically whatever I feel called to share!

There will be challenges and programs, as well as giveaways and offerings. You can participate or not. The choice is yours!

Please feel free to join add your friends if you think it will resonate with them. The more the merrier!

So who am I? I am a social worker, natural health educator and mama. I have been on a personal development journey for about 9 years now and I get kicks out of sharing what I know. I love seeing women step into their power, feel empowered and who are ready to rise into their next best version. I can’t wait to see that in you!


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