So many mamas are releasing their babies into the wild this week. Whether that brings sadness, joy, relief or a mixed bag of feelings don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

New transitions can be tough for both mama and their mini me. Think of the last time you started a new job… new colleague, new boss, trying to prove yourself whilst making friends – it can be daunting. So for them it’s even more complicated because they are little and their brains are still developing.

My go to oils for emotional support are:

Easy Air – a respiratory blend which is a really soothing blend to help the breaths come both in and out. Perfect for easing anxious feelings. Drip on shirt collars, hankies or a diluted roller snuck into little ones bags.

Frankincense – from the resin of the Boswellia tree an ancient oil used to soothe emotions. Helps to bring a sense of stillness and balance. Apply to soles of the feet, temples or behind the ears. Also perfect to help with focus and attention.

Vetiver – another heavy calming oil to soothe heightened emotions. I love to mix with citrus oils like Orange or Bergamot. Add 5 drops each to a roller for little ones (or mamas) to roll in palms of their hands or over bellies to ease those confused hearts and minds.

Peace – my mama go-to and personal fav. I keep a roller of this on me at ALL times. I use as ‘perfume’ and layer over wrists, temples, back of the next and along the spine. Perfect to also use at night before big transitions.

Forgive – the emotional powerhouse. This one has the incredible ability to increase positive feelings and decrease negative ones lending itself for a perfect all rounded. Sniff all day long or mix with a citrus oil like Cheer or Citrus Bliss for an increased uplifting feeling.

Now repeat the mantra ‘i’ve got this, i’ve got this, i’ve got this’ and trust everything is as it should be.

If you need some oils to help with difficult transitions or school in general then do me a favour and grab yourself the Emotional Touch Kit. It comes with a free wholesale account & a personalised welcome gift from me.

Email me at or order online today!💕

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