A topic hot on my heart right now.

So much about pregnancy and the journey to motherhood remains taboo.

I say fuck that!

After spending the past couple days feeling 100% positive I was pregnant, only today to find out I am not I can honestly say i’ve spent the latter part of the day being a royal hot mess.

Now I know all about ‘staying quiet’. I grew up on a family who was the master of secrets. My grandmother couldn’t have children, my mother was adopted, my mother having experienced 9 miscarriages during her previous marriage… but I saw what staying quiet did to them.

We have to be brave and share our stories to empower the next generations.

Our thoughts, feelings and mental state matters.

A woman’s journey to motherhood is never perfect. 1 in 2 will experience a miscarriage. And many others worse.

I was blessed with my first born. We fell pregnant quickly, didn’t really try and my pregnancy was pretty much fine.

We couldn’t dream of being so lucky with a second…

With a shift working husband and a clingy toddler the time to make such things happen are rare to impossible. That’s not to even mention the fact that I only like my husband 5/7 days of the week, i’m always tired and sex is the FARTHEST thing from my mind 🤣 #hopehubbydoesntreadthis

So as I pop the ‘negative’ test in the bin I take a moment to think of all the other #soontobemamas and let go of all the emotions.

I know that it’s OK to feel sad, to feel let down, to want it to be real and so much more.

I dive into the pool and let the water wash over me. Like a cleansing of my aura, my emotions and my body.

I have lathered myself in a concoction of oils consisting of Rose, Geranium and doTERRA Console. I roll some doTERA Forgive over my heart and I gently breath and know that tomorrow it will all be ok.

If you need some help getting some natural tools to support your journey to motherhood or your emotions reach out via email to thegroundedmama@gmail.com as I would love to help you Xx

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