As a social worker, womens coach and natural health educator I get a tonne of questions about emotions and essential oils so I wanted to create a little something for you.

Ive pulled together some of my favourite info and popped it into a 3 part video series and the best part? It’s totally FREE for you to watch!

This will come delivered direct to your inbox over the course of a few days. This will give you time to soak in the info before moving on to the next.

You can go ahead and request access to watch here

IMG_4506Video One

This one is a goodie! I recorded this Live during on Online Class and this is where the insp came to make this into a 3 part series – ‘cos no-one wants to watch a 3 hour online class 😐

Video One will start to take you on a journey of your emotions, where they are stored, how they affect your cells and what we can do to release them.

We chat about emotions v beliefs and some simple techniques I use to help release them and how essential oils can aid the process. I also touch on where to apply oils and how you can choose oils to support you emotionally.

Video Two

Video Two will then move the journey into how essential oils work in the body and the difference between topical and aromatic application. I dive deep in how to use your intuition when blending and choosing oils and I also chat about the physical v emotional properties of oils.

Video Three

Video Three will take you through a journey of six incredible oils that make up the emotional aromatherapy range. These are my absolute go-to for emotions and a must have for any woman, mama, wife or human being!


Request access to watch here

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