Last week we spent around 12 days traveling to Sydney then New Zealand… this might not sound like much but it’s more than enough with a pint sized 2.5 year old.

Trying to pack and choose which oils to take was a tough decision & you might remember a late night switcheroo following a ‘sore tummy’ the night before we left. Next time I reckon i’ll book a bag just for oils 😂

Many things didn’t get used (thank goodness) but some got overused and this is why…


This oil is a deadset lifesaver! I never ever leave home without it. I recommend topping up your rollers before going. From a change in water to different foods we were all sporting sore tummies & runny bum! If you are travelling then this is the no.1 oil to pop in your natural medicine bag. You simply roll over your belly (every 1-2 hours or as needed) to help you feel comfortable, ache free and soothe any discomfort or nausea.

2️⃣On Guard

Think of this as your public transport germ killer! We took the hand sanitizing spray, a roller and a 2ml sample for diffusing/internal use. Apply to hands after using public loos or transport. Roll over feet and glands to support a robust immune system for kids and mamas! On Guard is a perfect daily preventative and less is more. You can also add 1 drop to a cup of warm milk for a chai or to a spoon of honey to soothe any irritations.


Hydration while travelling is so important. You might find you naturally increase caffeine and alcohol consumption – plus time spent travelling means extra toxins for your body to flush out. Sip on lemon in your water bottle, add to a bath with epsom salts or give your body a dry brush to help support detoxification of your skin and bodily organs. Also perfect for adding to spoons of honey for throat irritations, for fevers, focus and putting a smile on ya dial 😁

4️⃣Ice Blue

Holidays mean more walking… and in my place that means more carrying of pint sized 2.5 year old. Either make a roller before you go, pack the rub or better yet take both!!! Massage over hips, back, legs and shoulders are long days. Roll onto temples or neck to help with any tension. Roll over soles of the feet after big hikes or shopping trips. Perfect for hubbies too!


If you want to be calm as a cucumber, or need sleep then you want to make sure you have some Lavender in your bag. Drip on pillows or pjs. Roll onto temples and chest before bed. Add to baths. Mix with Balance or Peace for bedtime diffusing, any plane anxiety or heightened moods/emotions. Toddlers are going to need tonnes of support with changing environments, new time zones, and over stimulation. You can also massage over body as it doubles and can act as a repellant or soothe any bites/bumps/bruises.


A few times Logan woke in middle of night saying ‘mum, can’t breathe…’ and at first I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully I remembered I had EasyAir in the bag. Drip on pillow/pjs or add 1-2 drops to a diffuser to help open up the sinus and airways. You can also splash on shower screen morning and eve and the addition of the steam with help open up airways. EasyAir is also supportive at calming the body with each breath.


Rose is one of the most versatile oils and never strays far from my purse. Taking the queen was an easy choice! From perfume to lip balm to on-the-go moisturizer… it’s ready to roll so perfect to grab. Not to mention packs a mega punch in terms of immune support. Simply roll over glands, around ears & along the spine.

8️⃣Frankincense & Tea Tree

Ear combo this one! With multiple transport means, changes in altitude, airplanes, car trips & hiking these two applied daily around ears will keep anything at bay. Doubles as a general immune support & gentle for toddlers #winning

If you are yet to try essential oils and are ready to do so I have $107 worth of freebies up for grabs during the month of March only. You’ll also receive a welcome pack + ongoing oily education from me. Email me at and say ‘IM READY’.

Alternately, head to Buy Essential Oils and follow the instructions to purchase a Home Essentials Kit. Once you do i’ll get your goodies in the post.

If you already have a wholesale account you can stock up this month and nab an Ice Blue Rub and 5ml Oil totally free – all you need to do is place a 200+ point order in March. Login to your account to order!

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