>> Smart & Sassy <<

Now if you wanna drop a few pounds, curb 3pm sugar sessions or rid some dimples on those thighs then listen up…

Emotionally this blend is the oil of inner beauty. And that’s where it all begins right?

When we gain weight, overeat, or develop cellulite this often leads to feelings of low self worth. Whilst we can change our diet temporarily or take up a new fad it’s the reason for the weight gain that people often skim over.

I’m allllll about ever lasting change rather than quick fixes.

For me, it took years to realize I was unhealthy, had low self esteem, was looking external for sources of love self worth. It wasn’t til I started going inward that the weight began to drop. I had to find the cause for the overeating, the unhealthy choices, the lack of regular exercise.

Once I combined better choices with exercise and the inner work things shifted dramatically.

Often the emotional benefits of essential oils mirror the physical ones. Smart & Sassy yes is a blend designed to help hunger cravings, shift those wobbly bits and give that metabolism a kick start but emotionally, this little bottle is a pocket rocket.

It can help heal the wounds that led to the bodies physical weight in the first place.

Say what? Now it’s not a jeanie in a bottle, you gotta do the work but use it as a tool in your journey to support your practices and you might just suprise yourself!

This blend can support the release of those heavy emotions surrounding the physical and emotional pounds.

It can also assist in embracing the bodies natural beauty. Worthiness, self acceptance and confidence are feelings that this blend encourages one to find.

How to use:

•Add 1 drop to a glass of water each morning or throughout the day.

•Inhale throughout the day to help with cravings, either in diffuser jeweller or by cupping under the nose.

•Dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and massage over any areas of the body that need love and acceptance.

•Add a drop under the tongue to avoid the afternoon slump.

•Add 2-4 drops to a body scrub of coconut oil and sugar (equal parts) and apply over cellulite or areas of concern.


If you have Smary & Sassy in your oily kit but it’s collecting dust I challenge you to break the seal.


If your ready to get oils in your life then you’ll be stoked to know this oil comes as a bonus with your Essential Collection starter pack. Message me to orders yours or follow the instructions on my how to buy page.

**Note >> Use this blend in a way that works for you and that your comfortable with. If you do not like the taste of this blend or prefer not to use oils internally then simply apply to the body via roller or body massage, diffuse, or inhale as often as needed. Slim & Sassy Gum is available via the US Warehouse also.

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