🍂 Sandalwood 🍂

Sandalwood trees are known as highly aromatic woods that can retain their fragrance for several decades. Sandalwood oil is taken from the core of the heartwood, or the oldest, most central wood of the tree. The heartwood of the tree is typically a darker and harder wood that produces an essential oil with a sweet, woody aroma.

After a long process of stripping, chipping, filtering, and distilling Sandalwood heartwood, Sandalwood essential oil is produced and used for its wide variety of uses and benefits.

Sandalwoods main chemical constituent is santalol, an alcohol that is known for its grounding effects. Aside from its grounding properties, the alcohol in Sandalwood is also known to beautify skin when used topically, and promote calm, relaxed feelings for a restful night’s sleep when used aromatically. There is a 90 percent concentration of santalol in Sandalwood essential oil—making it useful for skin, a restful sleep environment, and grounding emotions.

Due to both its sweet and woody notes, Sandalwood blends well with a variety of other oils. Blend with floral oils like Lavender, Jasmine, and Geranium; citrus oils like Bergamot or Grapefruit; or with warm, spicy oils like Frankincense.

Did you know we have two types of Sandalwood available for you to delight over? Both Hawaiian and Indian 😍

👉🏻Hawaiian Sandalwood

Commonly used for its aromatic benefits due its ability to enhance mood, lessen tension, and promote well-being. It has a honey-like wood fragrance. I personally love Hawaiian Sandalwood and find it really yummy and sweet. I love to mix in blends and perfume rollers.

👉🏻Indian Sandalwood

Commonly used for enhancing mood, promoting smooth skin, and providing grounding and uplifting feelings during meditation. I prefer Indian Sandalwood (which is sold as plain sandalwood) for meditation, diffuser blends and adding to my immune or skin blends.

Want to know more about the benefits of each Sandalwood?



If your ready to welcome Sandalwood into your life send me an email to thegroundedmama@gmail.com to get started today.

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