We understand the struggle street of wanting to be healthy, get in a better routine and shed a few kilo’s (hello post baby weight 2 years later!!). But how the hell do you do it, when…

…food is SO DELICIOUS.

…you feel time poor.

…sleep, who needs that? Plus kids, you know!

…and self-care? What’s that?

We get it.

The thing is, not feeling your best and putting on a few extra kg’s just doesn’t just “happen”… getting in a shitty self-care routine isn’t as exhausting as we may think it will be and being healthy doesn’t mean you need to drink kale and quit your fav foods. Promise!

In the journey of health and wellbeing, all aspects of our life have to be considered – from sleep, to what you eat, to how you move and even how you manage your mood and mindset. If you want to make lasting changes and feel the healthiest and happiest version of you, then you need address your life and add some healthy habits in!

Our Do-Over Detox that kicks off July 2nd will do just that.

Oh, and hello there! I’m Kelly,  one of the natural health educators who will be doing this this incredible program right there with you!!

We have created this sustainable reset that focusses on holistic health, not that pesky number you see on the scales. Our vision for the program is to empower you to develop healthy habits with a long-term focus that you can easily draw upon to support and maintain vitality, health and happiness and using doTERRA essential oils to support.

Peta Serras our course co-creator worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years, and had her own award winning Pilates studio in the Hunter Valley.

The Do-Over Detox is a condensed version of a $1200 10 week program, originally created for the studio, where they looked at the bigger picture of health.

Everyone had killer results, as we didn’t just focus on exercise, we looked at the bigger picture of health to create lasting changes and an fun health routine.

To find out the course structure, browse below to see what you’ll learn over the two weeks, what’s included, our experts and more.

What is the Do-Over Detox?

We’re here to take you on a 2 week de-tox designed to holistically cleanse your body, mind and environment.

The Do-Over Detox is designed to coach you how to view your diet, your lifestyle and your environment from a place of nourishment, not one based on restriction, guilt or demonisation.

What is included in The Do-Over Detox?

We’ll help you cleanse your physical body and support your organs of elimination, support your mindset, and help you cleanse your physical environment too.

  • Over 2 weeks of Live and Interactive Support in our exclusive Facebook group
  • Daily inspiration


  • Setting measurable goals
  • Essential oil use to support detox
  • Low impact movement
  • Mindset
  • Water intake
  • Getting deep and restful sleep
  • Functional cooking + food preparation
  • Creating personal care items using simple, natural ingredients

You will receive:

  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Community
  • Shopping List for simple recipes to support your cleanse
  • Meal plan and recipe eBook
  • Detox Support Guide
  • Q&A access with your leaders in the detox
  • Lifetime access to the content and to all future cleanses

What you won’t receive?

  • Death by too much content!


  • AromaTouch Kit
  • Zendocrine Oil Blend (Detox support for your endocrine system)
  • Petal Diffuser (Because smelling your oils is the easiest way to use them)
  • $5 spiky ball from Kmart
  • Workouts, recipes and meal plans will be included in the information provided.

If you don’t have these yet, let me know and we can get you sorted ASAP!

This ecourse valued at $120  is FREE for all our current team and any new wholesale customers.

How to purchase your AromaTouch Kit

Click this link: https://www.mydoterra.com/thegroundedmama


•    Click Join and Save
•   Click Join
•    Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
•    Click ‘Local.’
•    Choose Wholesale Customer
•    Enter your personal information
•    At *Enroller id* it should have my number if not enter 4036877
•    Then click verify (it should then show you my name – Kelly Hensley)
•    Set yourself up with a password
•    Click over to the next page
•    Select the AromaTouch Kit
•    Add the Petal Diffuser (and Zendocrine or Lemon *optional)
•    Enter your Credit Card details and process your order

I will then add you to our Do-Over Detox Facebook Group and here we go!!!

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